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there are so many questions. why is this raccoon in someone’s hallway. why is it rolling. why does it stop for a moment to check something and then clearly decide to roll again. what did it find that made it roll to the right instead of the left. why is someone filming all this. why did someone let a raccoon into their house in order o film this. what is that on the floor that the raccoon is rolling away from. why is it rolling away from it. why.




Tulsa OK 1921: US Government Bombs US City

National Guard troops patrolling the streets armed. Thousands of black people held in a convention center. Hundreds of black dead, with bodies piled like wood. That was not New Orleans, that was Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June 1921.On May 30, 1921 a young black man named Dick Rowland, stumbled into a white woman, while entering an elevator. He was accused of assault, and arrested the next day. Newly rich from oil Tulsa, was a Ku Klux Klan town. Rowland was sentenced to be hanged. The Tulsa Tribune called for a “Negro lynching tonight.”The white mob was surprised when they were met by several dozen armed black men, dressed in their World War I uniforms. This led to a racist three day destruction of the black neighborhood of Greenwood. The Red Cross reported 300 mostly dead black people.Greenwood called “Little Africa,” was a relatively wealthy community. White mobs, many deputized, destroyed every house, store, church or school. The mob met resistance from an armed black population. Governor Robertson declared martial law. The National Guard arrived with machine gun mounted trucks, and airplanes hovering over Greenwood. It was the first time an American city was bombed from the air, by the US government.Over 6,000 black people, were round up and held in the convention center and fairgrounds, as long as eight days. The homeless were shuttled into a tent city, where typhoid and malnutrition took over. Blacks were allowed out of the convention center, with a tag, with an employers name. Thosands fled the city.Attempts to turn Greenwood into an industrial zone were unsuccessful. For several years, it was deprived of paved streets, running water, and garbage collection.See: Tulsa Reparations Coalition and thank you to Internationalist Group for presenting this story in your newspaper.

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Shit they don’t teach you in school.


Chris x Nicki

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4/20 this year falls on easter sunday




if you smoke weed instead of going to church you’re going straight to hell no stop lights all go

420 blaze your damned soul and bones with the devil you heathens 

i heard the devil got that loud doe


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Vegeta V. Sasuke


Who would win all out battle

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That means you Roc





Hide n seek lol

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literally me

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